Ratu Kala Jengking (2020)

Quality: Year: Duration: 120 MinView:

Siti has two best friends Mawar and Teratai. Siti in love with Awang but Mawar also has the same feelings for him. Teratai advised Mawar not to betray her friendship. Siti suddenly has a mysterious disease, her face turn ugly. It was so terrible that the villagers called him a ghost and she was often hated and humiliated. Finally, Awang left her too. Siti is disappointed and become befriends with a woodcutter named Nadim. Only to Nadim where Siti can expressed herself. Mawar heard Tok Ketua and Tok Imam talk about “Panti” Mountain which is said to be a Nenek Kebayans house, where the Nenek Kebayan could handle all kinds of illnesses but to go to there she would have many hallenges and obstacles. Mawar is envious of Siti and hopes Siti will go to Mount “Panti” and never return.

Language:Bahasa melayu

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